Road trip…

Louis: “On the road again!” he starts singing loudly in the mini-van you guys rented for your week long vacation in Grand Canyon. You put a hand on his shoulder and say, “Lou, just put the radio on, please, love?” He groans and mutters indecipherable words under his breath before you lean up and turn on the radio. He groans and crosses his eyes. Indignantly you say, “Lou, you sing all the time, hand over the mic for a few hours, eh?” He smiles at you, takes your hand in his and kisses your palm as you continue singing.

Niall: “Babe, I don’t even…It’s the next right! Next right! Next right!” he shouts. You keep driving down the highway and say, “Ni, the only right is off into the grass.” You survey the map a little closer and take a deep breath. “Babe, you’ve got it upside down.” Niall’s lips turn into a fine line and he face palms. “How the heck are we supposed to get to Dollywood with me reading the map upside down…” he mutters things to himself and to comfort him you grab his hand and rub your thumb over the back of his hand soothingly. He turns to you and says a silent thank you with his blue eyes and then turns around to become the navigator once more.

Liam: “Li,” you call. You two are camping in Canada near Lake Ontario and he’s starting a fire for s’mores. He looks up at you from his firewood and you continue, “It’s Niall on the phone! He wants to talk to you.” Even from such a far distance you can see Liam roll his eyes. He walks up to you and kisses you sweetly before taking the phone in his hands. “Ni, I know, I know, mate, but…Yeah, alright. Look – I’m here for a weekend, just…No, I’m turning off my phone. If any of you need anything, it can wait, alright? Yeah, okay, love you too, Ni, bye.” He tosses his phone in the tent onto the bed and takes you in his arms, “This weekend is all about us, sweetheart – just you and me.”

Zayn: “We can either take this road, which leads to a theme park, or this road, which leads to a camp site.” He looks sideways at you, ready for you to make a decision. You lean forward and kiss his temple. “Well, seeing as we brought all the gear for camping, I’m thinking that’s the choice we’ll go with, babe.” He laughs and turns onto the exit for the camp site. An hour later the two of your are cuddled up to one another underneath a blanket by the fire.

Harry: “I can’t believe I agreed to this,” Harry mumbles as he steps out of the Rockin’ Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios. You guys have been park hopping all day because you only have a weekend in Disney World in Orlando, Florida and you want to make the most out of it. He walks up to a stuffed animal cart and looks to you, taking your hand in his, “What do you want?” You shake your head and he protests, “Let me do this – let me spoil you.” He buys you a stuffed Minnie Mouse and then you two go and find a spot to watch the parade.

I liked this one(: Hope you all did too. Much love, lovelies .Xx - Moe

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