Watching the game…

Harry: The two of you are staying in a hotel near a football stadium, so you persuade him to go to a game just to get out of the room and away from the screaming fans. You two are decked out in team gear and no one recognizes either of you. When you take your seats – which are perfect – Harry immediately gets into the game, but isn’t super loud or rambunctious. Occasionally he yells at the refs, but who doesn’t?

Louis: “Did you bring any money with you?” you ask Lou. He nods his head and whispers, “Yeah, why?” You point to the vender walking around with the cliché bags of peanuts and soda pop. Louis shouts, “SIR!” the vender turns around and rolls his eyes. You see him mutter something under his breath and then he looks up, waiting for Louis to order whatever it is he wants. “Can I get a bag of peanuts?” he asks in his best American accent – which you must admit is pretty good. The vender chucks a bag of peanuts at your boyfriend, hitting him in the head. Lou groans and murmurs under his breath, “If only he knew who he was dealing with…”

Liam: Liam is all decked out for the game – foam finger, face paint, jersey, etc. Every time a ref makes a bad call or a player fumbles or there’s an amazing play, he’s jumping up out of his seat. This surprises you because normally he isn’t loud and boisterous. He smiles every time he sits back down, but pays for it because there are tons of girls that recognize him asking for autographs.

Niall: The entire time you two are watching the game, he’s complaining about his stomach growling. You finally turn to him and say, “Go and get something to eat. Just don’t let anyone see you, Ni, otherwise we’re screwed.” He comes back twenty minutes later with a tray carrying two corndogs, a bag of popcorn and two soft pretzels. He sits down and finally notices your wide eyes. “What? Oh…You were hungry too, right? Well that’s good because I bought you something. He reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a bag of fruit snacks. He hands them over to you and starts watching the game, oblivious to your grumbly tummy or the fact that you silently stole one of his pretzels.

Zayn: His varsity jacket matches to the colors of the football team you two are going to see today. He smiles down at you, takes your hand and then the two of you walk through the stadium, trying to find your seats. When you’re finally sitting down and kick off starts, Zayn dissects every move the players make. He’s comparing American football to English football/soccer and by the end of the day, you’ve got so many facts crammed into your head, you don’t even realize the game is over until everyone is out of the stadium and Zayn is leading you down to the locker rooms. He takes you to meet the players and the coach of the winning team, much to your surprise.




This one is about American football, if any of you were wondering. And the last one is about UK ‘football’, or soccer. Just to clear that up. (: I liked writing this one. Give us feedback, ladies and gents! :P More preferences and ships are on their way! Much love to you lovelies .Xx - Moe

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